Nadia Stavrogianni, Resolute: Innovative solutions for a holistic approach to claims management 13/11/2019

Having already entered into major collaboration agreements in claims management in the legal protection sector, Resolute is introducing a holistic approach to claims management in Greece – according to European standards. In this area, the company services extend to the property, transport, liability, motor-vehicle and reinsurance sectors, aiming, of course, to cover the full range […]

Eurolife collaboration with Resolute 02/08/2019

Information from reports that, starting from 1/08/2019, Eurolife has assigned to Resolute SA, the management of Legal Protection claims management in the Motor and Property sectors. As a result of the aforementioned new cooperation, as the company informs, Eurolife policyholders should apply to Resolute SA, for their service regarding Legal Protection Claims that will […]

Resolute signs another great deal 02/08/2019

In a very short time since its inception, Resolute, a comprehensive claims management company, has signed a new agreement with a large insurance company, while achieving  high customer and partner satisfaction rates. One of the company’s comparative advantages is resolving issues with out-of-court settlements. Specifically, as had written in a recent post and subsequently, […]

Interamerican is partnering with Resolute 04/04/2019

Τhe launch of partnership between INTERAMERICAN and the new, specialized in claims management, Resolute company, for legal protection cover in the field of claims management in the insurance and reinsurance market, was announced by the two companies. The partnership agreement is based on the customer-oriented approach of the two companies for an effective mediation in […]

RESOLUTE: The innovative and integrated approach to claims management 02/04/2019

The official launch event of Resolute, marking its inception, that took place at the company’s headquarters in Neo Psychiko was met with great success. The modern premises of the innovative claims management and out-of-court settlements company hosted partners, friends, senior executives in our market, a significant number of insurance mediators and industry representatives, that honoured  […]

Cooperation of Syneteristiki Insurance with RESOLUTE 04/03/2019

Syneteristiki Insurance expands its activities and ensures the best possible service to its customers through strategic alliances and fruitful partnerships that enhance the quality of services offered back to their insureds. Focusing on all of the above, Syneteristiki Insurance is now working with Resolute Company in Legal Protection claims management for all products – excluding […]