Nadia Stavrogianni, Resolute: Innovative solutions for a holistic approach to claims management


Having already entered into major collaboration agreements in claims management in the legal protection sector, Resolute is introducing a holistic approach to claims management in Greece – according to European standards.

In this area, the company services extend to the property, transport, liability, motor-vehicle and reinsurance sectors, aiming, of course, to cover the full range of insurance sectors.

As Ms Nadia Stavrogianni, CEO of the company, explains in an interview with Insurance World, Resolute’s primary goal is to become the top independent response to claims management in the insurance market.

At the same time, the company is developing international partnerships aiming to transform into a multinational, multi-dimensional and extrovert organisation. While listing the mutual benefits arising from the partnerships concluded, Resolute’s intention is expanding their works in the legal field.

Last but not least, she mentions the opportunities offered by the new technologies and the innovative services offered by Resolute, covering effectively and multi-levelly a wide range of needs in the insurance market.

Interview to Vaios Krokos 

IW? Within a few months, Resolute has made its presence felt on the market. What are the first conclusions?an. The starting point for the creation and operation of Resolute in Greece has been the gap we have long identified in the sector of loss management. Based on the needs in this field, we designed and implemented a fresh, new proposal for integrated claims management, which was welcomed with great confidence by the market.

Today, Resolute provides claims management services for the legal, property, transport, liability, auto and reinsurance sectors, but we are working intensively to gradually include the full range of insurance sectors.

Regarding the legal protection field, today Resolute covers the claims management of large insurance companies, which have a market share of over 20%, a fact that demonstrates that the services provided respond to a real market demand.

After all, and internationally, claims management companies are constantly gaining ground, as their goal is the most equitable, direct and, above all, the fastest customer satisfaction. Now, as far as Resolute is concerned, the goal of the shareholders, as well as all the specialised staff, who either staff the company or collaborate with us, is to provide specialised and comprehensive services, starting as soon as the claims file opens,  extending to its final resolution.

So far, the philosophy on which Resolute has been built, has worked very effectively, and the positive marks of our business concerns both the insured and the insurance companies that entrust their clientele to us.

Iw? Interamerican, Syneteristiki Insurance, Eurolife and Insurance Market: What are the benefits that Resolute can offer to these partnerships and claims management in the field of legal protection?

an. Resolute has a high level of know-how in legal protection claims management, as the company’s human resources are well-experienced, with international performance, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and, above all, truly offer their soul until the resolution of all issues that concern the insured.

On this occasion, I would like to thank the companies that have entrusted Resolute from the first steps of its market presence. Working with Eurolife, Interamerican, Syneteristiki, Insurance Market is an excellent thing, as well as with all clients who trust our know-how and our willingness to be directly with them in any matter that concerns them.

We feel everything the customer is facing and we strive to manage it timely and adequately, in a holistic manner. We want to “excel” at Customer Satisfaction and it concerns us the most, as the excellent quality and efficiency at all levels of organisation and operation of Resolute is what we are daily striving for.

We offer cost-effective partnerships, as the companies we work with utilize our know-how and our specialized staff (no need to invest in staff, facilities, infrastructure, etc.). That’s what we want our customers to feel about Resolute, as if it were their own company and our people as their own.

In addition, Resolute, as an independent company, allows companies to respond flexibly and effectively to the statutory framework related to preventing conflicts of interest between businesses and their customers. This point is important because it exempts insurance companies that trust us, from the requirements of relevant internal organization and regulatory compliance.

iw? Tell us a few words – from your significant experience – about the image that is now emerging in the legal industry …

an. At the moment, as far as the development of the legal protection sector is concerned, I am sure of it, mainly because it enables the insured to access high-quality legal services at a very reasonable cost.

This trend is also reflected in the continued development of legal protection products, services and covers, but also by its strategic integration into the activity of insurance companies.

We must not forget that in Greece today, 26 insurance companies provide legal protection, including two specialized ones. So I think we will soon see a further significant increase in legal protection work.

iw?What are the challenges and potential pitfalls in legal claims management? What imprint did the multiannual crisis leave on legal claims?an. The challenges are, I think, common to the whole market: high-levelled and quality service, speed, innovation and specialized executives, who can overcome the “pitfalls” as you describe them, and achieve the fairest outcome for all parties. The crisis and financial distress experienced by our fellow citizens, households, freelancers as well as small and medium-sized businesses for many years, has created a framework that makes legal protection services all the more necessary.

In the midst of the economic crisis, our fellow citizens have started to claim much more compensation for any damage caused to them by a third party, as the financial ability to repair them themselves has been dramatically reduced.

iw? Integrated claims management is a widespread practice in Europe. What does Resolute want to assimilate into the Greek market?

an. Greece is a European country and Resolute aims to introduce comprehensive, holistic, if you will, loss management in the Greek market.

The holistic approach and the ecosystems around services must be both Greek and market-based, since they obviously benefit our consumers and the community at large.

Resolute faithfully follows this path, encompassing all its services with appropriate support, advisory and management systems that extend throughout the scope of claims management.

Iw? What is the role of new technologies? What Resolute’s innovations?

απ.  The whole philosophy and operation of Resolute is largely based on new technologies and ever-evolving mediums that set up a modern, parametric IT system.

Today, we provide services that include fully digitized damage tracking, electronic file archiving and updating, link bus (API) with both insurance companies and the network of legal intermediaries, for seamless exchange of information, customized tracking tools and monitoring their progress.

At this point, however, I would like to note that, today, in the digital age, new technologies are multiplying their value, benefits and scope when linked to the empowerment of a business’s human resources, that is, its ability to understand the customers and serve them properly, quickly, holistically.

Resolute’s innovations stem from this harmonious relationship between technology and human resources, but also with the innovative creation of new services that effectively encapsulate and enrich traditional claims management services.

In this context – and this is what I think is most important – Resolute can design and propose a complete package of services for insurance and reinsurance organizations that effectively and multi-levelly covers a wide range of needs.

iw? Is there clarity in the new supervisory regime for mediation issues and the prospect of outsourcing solutions in general?

an. We are fully in line with the new legislation, which sets out a particularly rigorous framework for claims management. The many years of experience of all of us in management as well as our executives, combined with excellent scientific training and deep market knowledge, are key elements in ensuring our client-centered approach and know-how in tailor-made solutions for every need.

iw? What is Resolute’s next goal?

an.  Resolute’s primary goal is to become the top independent response to claims management in the insurance market. At the same time, the company is developing international partnerships aiming to transform into a multinational, multi-dimensional and extrovert organisation..

Claims management is a dynamically emerging area of business interest, internationally. In this context, we develop synergies and partnerships with European and multinational groups, exchange know-how and invest in international projects of mutual interest, always to the benefit of our clients.