Interamerican is partnering with Resolute


Τhe launch of partnership between INTERAMERICAN and the new, specialized in claims management, Resolute company, for legal protection cover in the field of claims management in the insurance and reinsurance market, was announced by the two companies. The partnership agreement is based on the customer-oriented approach of the two companies for an effective mediation in claims management – from filing and opening a case to its settlement and out-of-court settlement in the event of a dispute. The common goal is to create value from cooperation for all parties, with a real benefit to the insured.

The framework of INTERAMERICAN and Resolute cooperation is defined by the common interest in appropriate modern management practices, so as to achieve a satisfactory outcome of time and cost savings and not to further burden the premium. The cooperation will be based on the utilization of strong, specialized know-how and state of the art technology for damage monitoring and parametric management of the claims, while enabling automated, unobstructed and secure exchange and use of information.

It is noted that Resolute’s services to the customer, in the event that their dispute with the insurance company is not resolved in a timely manner, and the customer takes the legal course (mediaton), this is not included in the legal protection cover which is provided by the insurance policy and relates to an independent choice of client’s cooperation with Resolute.

Resolute’s services also include monitoring the progress of the case in close cooperation with lawyers and briefing the client until the case is finally closed.

Referring to the collaboration, Yiannis Kantoros, Managing Director of INTERAMERICAN, said: “The continuous improvement of our relationship with our customers goes through enhancing their confidence in the company and their satisfaction. For this reason, we have chosen to work together in legal protection claims management with a company that is up-to-date and can support the best outcome for each side. “

On behalf of Resolute, Nadia Stavrogiannis, Managing Director, said: “We have the ambition, as a new company, to provide the insurance and reinsurance market with a high-quality, highly know-how integrated services, which will benefit companies that aim to reduce their claim management costs and have a customer-centric philosophy, such as INTERAMERICAN. “