Benefits for our clients

By choosing to work with Resolute, insurance companies ensure

Release of productive resources

Through assigning insurance claims management to Resolute, clients reduce their operating costs and release resources in order to direct them into increasing business performance, openness and ultimately their company growth.

Sales increase

The speed, flexibility and efficiency of the company in dealing with their cases ensures the satisfaction of the insured, thus contributing to the sales increase of the companies that work with Resolute.


Resolute continually invests in training its executives and partners in order to effectively manage and provide immediate customer satisfaction. 

Speed and Reliability

Using state-of-the-art technology, Resolute provides the companies that works with as well as their clients, the ability to instantly and easily track their cases through innovative, digitized tools that guarantee fast and efficient access.


Avoiding hassles and unnecessary expenses

By managing their case with Resolute, the insured reach the best outcome while avoiding the unpleasant personal involvement that is a waste of  their valuable time and income.  

Negotiation power

Throughout the out-of-court settlement of their case, the insured retain control of their actions and bargaining power, as long as nothing is decided without their own assent.

Access to high-tech services

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, the clients of Resolut have instant, easy and reliable access to their case.