Do you provide services only to corporate or individual clients also?

Resolute services are provided to corporate clients, insurance companies, through which we serve the claims of the insured.

Does my case management by your company involve costs for me?

Of course not. As long as your insurance company is affiliated with Resolute, and you have a valid insurance policy, simply contact us and report the loss.

How will I know the status of my case, its progress, when will I be compensated?

You can contact Resolute by phone or see the progress of your case on our website www.resolutegroup.eu using the passwords given to you by us.

What is a claims management company?

It is a company that manages, on behalf of its clients, which are insurance companies, the claims arising from insurance policies. The claims management company, in this case Resolute, undertakes the management of a claim arising from an insurance contract, from the moment that this claim arises until the matter is fully resolved.

Are you an insurance company?

Resolute is a comprehensive claims management company. Although it operates in the wider insurance sector, it is not an insurance company, does not make insurance policies, but manages the losses incurred in insurance portfolios.