Cooperation of Syneteristiki Insurance with RESOLUTE


Syneteristiki Insurance expands its activities and ensures the best possible service to its customers through strategic alliances and fruitful partnerships that enhance the quality of services offered back to their insureds.

Focusing on all of the above, Syneteristiki Insurance is now working with Resolute Company in Legal Protection claims management for all products – excluding cars – that will be created with the collaboration of the two companies.

Integrated claims management is a widely used practice abroad, which can make this venture particularly effective in Greece also, as Resolute has the know-how necessary to establish it.

“Times require maturity and empathy from everyone, especially from the business world. For us at Syneteristiki Insurance, the concept of a business model that takes society into account and returns value to it is an integral part of our identity, is a path we took 40 years ago and we still walk on it, working wisely and consistently ” said Dimitris Zorbas, Managing Director of Syneteristiki Insurance.

«Claims management from an independent provider ensures the effectiveness of compensation processes, emphasizing in quality service to policyholders, while keeping operating costs at a controlled level, characteristics that Resolute’s expertise and know-how guarantee to the policyholders of Syneteristiki Insurance» , stated 

Nadia Stavrogiannis, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Resolute SA