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Nantia Stavrogianni, Electrical Engineer and Senior Management Executive, has completed her undergraduate and postgraduate course of academic studies in Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, while she has also completed her postgraduate course of studies in Business Administration and Sales Management at HMA, Greece.

Ms Stavrogianni is the CEO and BoD executive Chair of Resolute S.A. being responsible for entire spectrum of executive management and domestic and international growth and expansion projects  of the organization in Greece and Cyprus.

She has started her executive management career  in 1994, first as a Systems Programmer and Analyst at ICAP Hellas, and  since 1995, as IT Manager, Commercial director and CEO at DAS Hellas.

Throughout her career, Ms. Stavrogianni has shown an achievement record of remarkable company growth, cost minimization and profit maximization, while she has also instigated a manifold of successful projects, aimed at technological advancements, operational optimization and intercorporate collaboration, leading her main company, DAS Hellas, to high standards of efficiency and market share maximization potential.

From 01-12/2018 she was the General Manager and BoD executive Vice-chair of Autoking Hellas S.A.

As of today, Ms. Stavrogianni is the active Board Chair of  the Insurance Institute of Greece (EIAS), while she has held the Vice-Chair position of RIAD  (International foundation of LPI companies), the Executive Board Member of HAIC (Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies),  the Chair position of its HR Committee and the Chair position of its LPI Committee. She is a member of the CEO Association of Greece  and a member of the Technical Champion of Athens.

Finally, Ms. Stavrogianni is a Certified Mediator, ( Certified by Greece’s Ministry of Justice).